Thursday, February 23, 2017
Every degree is valuable, and we should all graduate feeling like we have gotten our money’s worth with help and instruction towards our degree.
"As the Biebs once decreed, 'you should go and love yourself.' But I don’t mean spiritually –– no, I’m talking shameless self-love with a little electrical help."
"People’s feelings do matter, and we cannot pretend that an environment in which immigrants, women, trans people, or Muslims feel threatened is a desirable one or even one we should tolerate."
Peter Bothwell and Max Waller debate the pros and cons of one university access method.
In the wake of Brexit mania, a Remain supporter wonders whether he should have voted Leave.
Henri Dow combats the issues of privilege, whiteness and intersectionality in modern feminism.
Henry Ford gives his take on St Andrews' new nursery
The moment has come to bust out of this intellectual and aesthetic Azkaban that we have all helped to erect around us.
There is a sense of self-pitying pleasure which derives from the “January Blues” deeply engrained in our culture
Following the universally recognised trope of endeavouring to pursue new things at the turn of the new year, I decided to go skiing. Whereas in the past I might have resolutely stuck to the general principle that things which involve travelling at speeds not achievable within man’s ordinary physical limitations are called ‘extreme sports’ - and are outside of one’s...