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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Prince William’s speech at the 600th Anniversary Dinner – Bubble TV

Bubble TV covers the Duke of Cambridge's speech at the University's 600th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner

DanceSoc Halloween Special – Bubble TV

A special spooky Halloween routine from DanceSoc, filmed by Bubble TV.

The Saint Live presents: Kellie Buchanan

Kellie Buchanan, a a singer-songwriter from Dundee, performs her song 'Hit or Miss' for The Saint Live. Kellie has been performing for nearly 10...

Christmas Ball 2012 – Bubble TV

Bubble TV covers Christmas Ball 2012.

Meet The Fine Food & Dining Society 2012 – Bubble TV

The Fine Food & Dining Society is for people who love food – cooking, eating and talking about it! Named the University of St...

Drinking games banned in Sallies

Never have I ever seen the common room so bare: drinking games have been forced out of communal areas in St Salvator’s Hall

Raisin 2012 – Bubble TV

Bubble TV covers Raisin 2012.

Op-Doc: Raisin Weekend

An opinion documentary about Raisin Weekend

The Saint Live presents: Al Hughes

Our music editor, David Hershaw, went to meet Al Hughes this week. A local Fife folkster who has toured all over the UK and...

Run up to Raisin Weekend 2012 – Bubble TV

Bubble TV covers the run up to Raisin Weekend 2012, with messages from Association President Freddie Fforde.