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Saint Andrews
Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Day in the Life of Amanda Litherland, Director of Representation

9:30am. Amanda opens the door of her flat. This is the first time I’ve met her, or indeed any of the sabbatical officers (the...

Rising concerns over “smart drugs” at universities

The government’s watchdog has issued a warning to students about the dangers of taking “smart drugs.”

Issue 145

It was while jostling for a drink in the Union bar last week – amongst impeccably well mannered, considerate, sober first years out for...

Always a few doors down: Life as a warden

Our university wardens: the people who make things happen in halls, help students in need, provide advice and keep us all on the right track. Graeme Acres speaks to them about what the job entails, its difficulties, and its rewarding aspects.

St Andrews under evaluation for its number of alcohol licenses

After reviewing evidence on 19 March for the number of alcohol licenses released and its correlation to alcohol-related harm in towns, the Fife Licensing...

St Andrews to host inaugural ethics debating tournament

The University of St Andrews will host the first John Stuart Mill Cup, a debating tournament which will tackle ethical issues of public concern,...

Review: ‘Election’

St Andrews resident sketch comedy group have been missed. The show was 'outlandish, high energy and well prepared' according to Caroline McWilliams.

36 hours in Denver

As a born and bred Coloradan, the first question I get asked, after the obvious yet somewhat suspicious “so you’ve done pot?” is always “you must be a...

Colours of the rainbow: summer smoothie recipes

It’s hot and you’re thirsty! Smoothies don’t need to be expensive treats you reward yourself with at Zest after a long day at the...

University presents new research on climate change

This finding provides an insight into future climate change modelling.