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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Will finding friendship be perilous for the Prince?

Sophie Sanders A bosom friend — an intimate friend, you know — a really kindred spirit to whom I can confide my inmost soul,” says...

Devil’s Advocate: Are Trump’s interventions in Syria justified?

Yes People convulsed in the streets unable to breath, there were “children lying on the ground, in their last breaths, their lips going blue [...wherever...

The interview, demystified

On Wednesday 22 February, the Careers Centre held a workshop on interview skills. Pamela Andrew, Careers Adviser, led the hour-long presentation. Here are some...

Trump corner

Elliot Barker introduces a new round-up feature of Viewpoint: Trump Corner.

Hangover cure drink to debut at Oktoberfest

If the marketing is to be believed, Survivor may be the one-size-fits-all hangover cure that we have been waiting for.

St Andrews’ nightlife: not a totally lost cause?

Let’s face it: the nightlife is not the reason any of us decided to come to St Andrews. We may have a great collection...

Devil’s Advocate: Are protest marches really useful?

Max Waller and Henry Ford debate one of the most relevant questions of current times.

The Tennent’s lager saga

At the beginning of last semester, Tennent’s enthusiasts Tom Coombes and Will Abell were confronted with a harsh reality: Tennent’s at the Union had been replaced by Carling. This change sparked an angry response that eventually led to the creation of the Tennent’s Appreciation Society and a petition to "Bring back our Vitamin T."

Muse on the illusion of escapism

If happiness is inconstant, so is pain. They are the counters of each other, and we move continually between the two

36 hours in Denver

As a born and bred Coloradan, the first question I get asked, after the obvious yet somewhat suspicious “so you’ve done pot?” is always “you must be a...