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Saint Andrews
Monday, September 16, 2019

The Northern Lights in St Andrews

How to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis from St Andrews, and the science behind the magic and mystery of northern night skies.

The Lafayette Club: Anya Neistat

In the Lafayette Club's continuing series of talks, Dr Anya Neistat presents 'Exposing Human Rights on the Front Line'.

A report from Freshers week

A Fresher reports on their experience of Freshers Week

The Political Bubble

Michael McCabe argues that we need to appeal to peoples feelings, not merely to the logic of arguments, when confronting politically polarising issues.

Review: Jerusalem

Director Al Gillespie "had his hands full" with this ambitious production, writes Ryan Hay.

Will finding friendship be perilous for the Prince?

Sophie Sanders A bosom friend — an intimate friend, you know — a really kindred spirit to whom I can confide my inmost soul,” says...

Devil’s Advocate: Are Trump’s interventions in Syria justified?

Yes People convulsed in the streets unable to breath, there were “children lying on the ground, in their last breaths, their lips going blue [...wherever...

The interview, demystified

On Wednesday 22 February, the Careers Centre held a workshop on interview skills. Pamela Andrew, Careers Adviser, led the hour-long presentation. Here are some...

Trump corner

Elliot Barker introduces a new round-up feature of Viewpoint: Trump Corner.

Hangover cure drink to debut at Oktoberfest

If the marketing is to be believed, Survivor may be the one-size-fits-all hangover cure that we have been waiting for.