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Saint Andrews
Saturday, November 17, 2018

St Andrews under evaluation for its number of alcohol licenses

After reviewing evidence on 19 March for the number of alcohol licenses released and its correlation to alcohol-related harm in towns, the Fife Licensing...

Overseas Series: Matthew Cregan

German and Economics student Matthew Cregan shares his hints and tips on Erasmus exchanges while experiencing a semester in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

Manifesto analysis: Dan Palmer, candidate for Director of Events and Services

Dan Palmer’s main policy aims are protecting RAG week, finding ways to deal with Union redevelopment, making the Union ‘the place to go’, keeping...

Interview: Fionnuala Glover, candidate for Director of Events and Services

The Director of Events and Services is responsible for managing student input regarding bar and entertainment services at the Union, and is involved in...

The Political Bubble

Michael McCabe argues that we need to appeal to peoples feelings, not merely to the logic of arguments, when confronting politically polarising issues.

The Saint style: how to look scarily good this Halloween

Throughout Halloweekend, many Saints utilised their creative minds in order to produce the perfect Halloween ensemble. While it is common for university students to...

Drew: IR Research

The Whistleblower #146

Sport Editor Andrew Magee looks back on a year of highs and lows in the world of sports journalism...

Illustrators in Solidarity

Our illustrators respond to Charlie Hebdo.