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Thursday, July 18, 2019

The New Silk Road: A look at the Belt Road Initiative

Second year student Charles Stevens discusses his new project The New Silk Road, which will investigate various proposals and promises of the new Belt Road Initiative. Deputy features editor Catriona Aitken writes about the details shared in their conversation.

Bursting the Bubble: The Kooks

As mentioned in my last column, leaving the bubble is always a terribly challenging endeavour and therefore frequently needs to be planned months in...

Dodd-Frank in the crosshairs

Lucius Reibel explains how financial deregulation affects and hurts us all.

A typical St Andrews girl

News travels fast in this town. I doubt there are many students who have yet to hear about the article on the Telegraph’s website...

Safe Spaces Are a Recipe for Disaster

Editor-in-chief Andrew Sinclair expounds the argument against safe spaces in universities.

The Tennent’s lager saga

At the beginning of last semester, Tennent’s enthusiasts Tom Coombes and Will Abell were confronted with a harsh reality: Tennent’s at the Union had been replaced by Carling. This change sparked an angry response that eventually led to the creation of the Tennent’s Appreciation Society and a petition to "Bring back our Vitamin T."

Rectors through the ages: an abridged history

In 1858, the role of rector was established at St Andrews. Elected by the students of the University, the rector is meant to represent...

Breaking the silence: An introduction to St Andrews’ Quaker community

    Many rooms are quiet at 10:30 on a Sunday morning in a university town. A hush falls over St Andrews from around 3am, disturbed...

Annual Flip Cup Tournament for the Men’s Football Club 2014

All photos taken by Sammi McKee of the University of St. Andrews Men's Football Club Annual Flip Cup Tournament. For a mere £10 a...

A Day in the Life of Amanda Litherland, Director of Representation

9:30am. Amanda opens the door of her flat. This is the first time I’ve met her, or indeed any of the sabbatical officers (the...