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Saint Andrews
Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Report Card: Freddie Fforde, Association President (Pres)

Relationships One of Freddie Fforde’s main campaign aims was to improve relationships between the Students’ Association and University staff after what he felt was a...

Astronaut Duane Carey touches down in St Andrews

On 21 September, St Andrews was lucky enough to play host to former NASA astronaut and all-around inspiring guy Duane Carey. Here to speak...

St Andrews under evaluation for its number of alcohol licenses

After reviewing evidence on 19 March for the number of alcohol licenses released and its correlation to alcohol-related harm in towns, the Fife Licensing...

NUS referendum campaign postponed as “Yes” team resign in protest

An EGM will be held on Wednesday 11 November at 9 pm to find replacments

FS 2014 vs Dont Walk

The must-attend fashion shows return, but was FS a success? Will Dont Walk trample it? Ellen Ridsdale reviews the Fashion Show while Alison Hutchinson chats to the secretive DW committee

Illustrators in Solidarity

Our illustrators respond to Charlie Hebdo.

University presents new research on climate change

This finding provides an insight into future climate change modelling.

SSC Candidates: Charities, Debates and Mermaids

Two candidates each are competing for the positions of Charities Officer, Debates Officer and Performing Arts Officer (Mermaids). These are summaries of their campaign...

Rising concerns over “smart drugs” at universities

The government’s watchdog has issued a warning to students about the dangers of taking “smart drugs.”

Safe Spaces Are a Recipe for Disaster

Editor-in-chief Andrew Sinclair expounds the argument against safe spaces in universities.