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Saturday, November 17, 2018

The New Silk Road: A look at the Belt Road Initiative

Second year student Charles Stevens discusses his new project The New Silk Road, which will investigate various proposals and promises of the new Belt Road Initiative. Deputy features editor Catriona Aitken writes about the details shared in their conversation.

Family of St Andrews student arrested by Iranian secret police

Amnesty International St Andrews will be launching a petition in the first week after spring break and Ms Meir has encouraged all students to sign it.

St Andrews under evaluation for its number of alcohol licenses

After reviewing evidence on 19 March for the number of alcohol licenses released and its correlation to alcohol-related harm in towns, the Fife Licensing...

A Day in the Life of Freddie Fforde, Association President

After treating me to a serenade by The Other Guys, Freddie Fforde made me a home-cooked meal on Valentine’s Day. However, I have not...

Colours of the rainbow: summer smoothie recipes

It’s hot and you’re thirsty! Smoothies don’t need to be expensive treats you reward yourself with at Zest after a long day at the...

Interview: Duncan Downie, candidate for Association President

The Association President, along with the Director of Representation, is responsible for representing student interests to the University and external organisations, including the government....

Hangover cure drink to debut at Oktoberfest

If the marketing is to be believed, Survivor may be the one-size-fits-all hangover cure that we have been waiting for.

Bursting the Bubble: The Kooks

As mentioned in my last column, leaving the bubble is always a terribly challenging endeavour and therefore frequently needs to be planned months in...

Safe Spaces Are a Recipe for Disaster

Editor-in-chief Andrew Sinclair expounds the argument against safe spaces in universities.

Manifesto analysis: Duncan Downie, candidate for Association President

Duncan’s policies centre around accommodation, drawing on his experience as Senior Student of Albany Park. He also wants to listen to students and make...