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Saint Andrews
Saturday, November 17, 2018

Manifesto analysis: Pei Liu, candidate for Director of Representation

Pei certainly has experience of working with students, as Vice President and one of the founding members of the Chinese Hongpao society. As a...

Interview: Teddy Woodhouse, candidate for Director of Representation

The Director of Representation, along with the Association President, is responsible for representing student interests to the University and external organisations, including the government. They are...

Christian group JustLove hosts anti-slavery march in St Andrews

On 16 October an estimated 200 St Andrews students belonging to the group JustLove walked through town in single file, wearing black tops and carrying signs with statistics about human trafficking.

Interview: Jess Walker, candidate for AU President

Read Jess' manifesto. Why are you proposing the creation of the Club Captains’ Forum? This is a proposal for all club captains and club presidents, some...

Interview: Dan Palmer, candidate for Director of Events and Services

The Director of Events and Services is responsible for managing student input regarding bar and entertainment services at the Union, and is involved in...

House of Horror vs Bongo Ball

Every week we put two events head to head. This week, Devini Pabari interviews the House of Horror committee and Alison Hutchison speaks to the Bongo king!

Voting absentee – Hurricane Sandy and political metaphor

As hurricane Sandy dissipated over America’s northeast yesterday, the US presidential campaign returns in full force.  Both candidates are back on the trail, ending...