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Saint Andrews
Thursday, November 15, 2018

Saints’ poor start costs in valiant quarter-final defeat

James Gray reports on St Andrews quarter-final trip to 2012 champions Stirling

Football was a bridge too far

Andrew McQuillan reflects on Thatcher in sport

Is Chinese football becoming a competitive global force?

Richard Hunter looks at the astonishing growth of the Chinese Super League and what it means for football in the wider context.

Beckham is just giving while Ireland are just taking

James Gray has done it again. He's predicted a winner of the Six Nations.

A tussle in Bahrain

It is often said that politics and sport are a reinforcing mixture. Sporting events compass the capacity to enhance political awareness through the media...

Sporting culture from Santiago to St Andrews

Currently based in Chile, Mike Glover-Smith explores the nuances of Chile’s sporting culture and asks whether our Fife coastal town is really so different from the South Americans

Glory Glory Ayrshire Killie

As 'Paper Roses' was belted out around the Kilmarnock end of Hampden Park on Sunday, the oh-so clichéd “magic of football” maxim raised its...

To the byline

In light of the disbanding of the Men's Golf Club committee, Sport editor Andrew Williams asks if the punishment fits the crime

Despite everything, the magic of the FA Cup lives on

In recent years, the FA Cup, football’s oldest cup competition, has lost some of its zest. The top English clubs do not hold it...

A tribute to Augusta

Andrew Williams on the glorious golfing hotbed of Augusta.