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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Match report: Shinty v Edinburgh

A match report from the recent clash between the men's shinty teams from St Andrews and Edinburgh

Preview: French Open 2018

As the 2018 French Open approaches, men and women’s clay court tennis could not be in starker contrast. Going into Roland Garros Rafael Nadal...

The ultimate game: Flatball in St Andrews

The Ultimate Frisbee Club tell The Saint about their plans for the year ahead

Cup final provides sweet revenge for Saints

St Andrews Basketball Women’s 1sts won the BUCS Scottish Conference Cup as they put in a superb performance to beat Aberdeen 1sts at the...

Mixed Martial Arts club: Fighting fit

Twenty years ago, you’d have been forgiven for having never heard of Mixed Martial Arts. While in both Brazil and the Far East the...

Driven: St Andrews to Paris

Riding a motorbike that you’ve just bought with your own money for the first time is an experience that stays with you forever. Riding...

Cheating in Sport

After the recent revelations of doping and match fixing occuring in a number of sports, James Gray considers the frightening prospect that cheating may be more prevalent than we realise.

New England Patriots: the NFL’s industrial machine

Richard Hunter takes a look at the New England Patriots, a sporting machine who show absolutely no sign of stopping.

Standards ascend as Boat Club finds tranquil waters

If the Athletic Union is putting serious effort into developing and improving the Sports Centre, then their example is certainly being followed by what...

BUCS Semester 1: The best of the rest

We run around some of the lesser known sports clubs to see how they've been getting on