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Monday, February 18, 2019

A View from France: Le Zlatan

Hayden Taylor gives us an insight into the French footballing world

Is Chinese football becoming a competitive global force?

Richard Hunter looks at the astonishing growth of the Chinese Super League and what it means for football in the wider context.

More of the same for Scottish Football

As the new Scottish Premier League has kicked off again it is appropriate for us to look at the current state of affairs for...

Should we stand up or sit down?

The sports editor tackles one of the most contentious issues in football today - that of standing at matches

Can’t Walk stands out as successful and enjoyable night

St Andrews notorious fashion season has finally come to a close. The glamour of FS, exotic charm of Sitara*and brilliance of Don’t Walk have...

The Premier League finale: a preview

Miro Ralston looks at the three matches that will ultimately decide who will be crowned Premier League victors

Euro 2020: Platini “spreads the wealth”

Most major championships are an over-priced corporate circus, and usually the first two-thirds of the tournament showcase the very worst side of the game, with minnows being routinely knocked over by the big boys of international sport. Sporting bodies need to stop trying to turn major championships into some sort of utopia

Balance of power maintained as Bismarck Cup ends all-square

Send-off football match for retiring History Professor is a battle to remember

New York Football Club: Will it Flourish or Flop?

Olivia Richey discusses whether Sheik Mansour will successfully flex his fanancial muscles in the US, or if this something that money simply can't buy

The Return of The Special One: Jose Mourinho back at Stamford...

Andrew McQuillan on the return of a certain Portuguese geezer to West London.