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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Extortionate ticket prices alienate football fans

At Liverpool’s home match against Hull last Saturday, fans were expressing more than just anger at yet another lacklustre performance. Banners across the stands...

Suarez handles Mansfield Town in FA Cup and media backlash

Luis Suarez is a great player. Once again though, he has found himself at the centre of a media storm; have the media handled it in the right way though? Or is this just a witch hunt?

West Ham’s dream stadium move proving to be nightmare

Alex Hayes looks at West Ham's move to the Olympic Stadium and how what promised to be a dream has been anything but.

Are England set to bring the trophy home?

What a group stage! 48 games, 122 goals. A shocking German exit, Spain and Portugal nearly bottling it, Nigerian heartbreak and a very drunk...

Football club going from strength to strength under guidance of Stuart...

Since his appointment in 2011 as the Director of Football, Stuart Milne has headed the University football programme, and transformed the clubs structure. He...

Mending broken Hearts

Sports editor Andrew McQuillan speaks to the group waiting in the wings to takeover and bring fan ownership to Heart of Midlothian FC

New York Football Club: Will it Flourish or Flop?

Olivia Richey discusses whether Sheik Mansour will successfully flex his fanancial muscles in the US, or if this something that money simply can't buy

Saints awarded points decision after punch-up

The University’s 1st XI Football team were last week handed three points fron a game on 8 September against Queensferry Albert after the referee was forced to abandon the match when both sides were drawn into a full-scale brawl.