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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

More of the same for Scottish Football

As the new Scottish Premier League has kicked off again it is appropriate for us to look at the current state of affairs for...

Cup Glory: What can the English learn from Scotland?

As the football season starts to reach the business end, Lewis Frain ponders if there is anything English teams can learn from Scotland in the way they treat their cup competitions.

Life in the Sunday League

Hayden Taylor on "the theatre that is Sunday League football"

World Cup Last 16 Preview, Predictions

World Cup Last 16 Predictions Saturday, 30th June: France vs Argentina (3pm) – The knockout stages kickoff with surely the tie of the round - a...

A love letter to the Old Firm

At the risk of sounding like a geriatric or your least favourite elderly relative, I remember the good old days. I remember the days when...

In defence of Arsene Wenger

When talking about Premier League football, one person that springs to mind probably more than anyone else is the Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger. No...

Champions League, Quarter-finals review

Football’s most exciting competition resumed a couple of weeks ago and the exhilarating entertainment it has already provided in the group stages and round...

Steven Gerrard a romantic hero amid sport’s growing scientism

Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure once claimed to be “trying to solve the mysteries of football” just as physicists attempt to demystify the universe;...

New York Football Club: Will it Flourish or Flop?

Olivia Richey discusses whether Sheik Mansour will successfully flex his fanancial muscles in the US, or if this something that money simply can't buy

Euro 2020: Platini “spreads the wealth”

Most major championships are an over-priced corporate circus, and usually the first two-thirds of the tournament showcase the very worst side of the game, with minnows being routinely knocked over by the big boys of international sport. Sporting bodies need to stop trying to turn major championships into some sort of utopia