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Monday, February 18, 2019

An Angel from heaven, or just another expensive flop?

Will Di Maria excel at Manchester United, or fall foul of the curse of the British transfer record?

Football was a bridge too far

Andrew McQuillan reflects on Thatcher in sport

If you know your history: a perspective on David Moyes

Andrew McQuillan on why a dosage of history is needed for certain Manchester United supporters.

Despite everything, the magic of the FA Cup lives on

In recent years, the FA Cup, football’s oldest cup competition, has lost some of its zest. The top English clubs do not hold it...

Saints’ poor start costs in valiant quarter-final defeat

James Gray reports on St Andrews quarter-final trip to 2012 champions Stirling

University of St Andrews 1st XI 4 v ...

Peter Omand Cup 2nd Round 2/10/11 For the first time in recent memory the two top football teams at the University found themselves drawn against...

Saints strike back to ease past Edinburgh

ST ANDREWS MEN’S 1STS                    4     -        1            EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY 4THS ST ANDREWS MEN’S 2NDS              ...

Suarez handles Mansfield Town in FA Cup and media backlash

Luis Suarez is a great player. Once again though, he has found himself at the centre of a media storm; have the media handled it in the right way though? Or is this just a witch hunt?

Why the FA needs to implement reform now

Sam Connolly offers a firm criticism of the FA and presses the case for immediate and urgent reform.

Manchester Divided: Is there a future without Rooney?

With Rooney's departure seemingly imminent, what options are available for new manager David Moyes.