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Saint Andrews
Monday, September 23, 2019

So near yet so far in Cup semi

St Andrews 1sts 1 Robert Gordon 1sts 2   After a thrilling 5-3 victory against Strathclyde 1sts in the quarter final, St Andrews 1st XI were only...

Another round of internationals draws us closer to EURO 2016

Another round of international friendlies have come and gone, built up to be very important by the media- the last round of fixtures before...

Saints Sunday League proves perfect mix of skill and fun

Unsurprisingly, Sunday League football is not the most competitive sport played in St Andrews: nor the most skilled; nor the most interesting. But it...

Stepping into Fergie’s shoes: Who should replace Sir Alex Ferguson?

Matthew Gibson offers his opinion on the biggest football story of the year

Did Nani really deserve it?

Manchester United’s clash with Real Madrid on Tuesday evening was one of the most eagerly anticipated matches of decade. Between them, the two clubs...

In Arsene we trust?

Is Arsene Wenger's reign about to come to an end or does the Frenchman deserve all the team he needs at Arsenal?

International football: the winners and losers

International breaks are often considered unwanted distractions from riveting domestic campaigns, but this past week’s batch of games definitely offered above average drama. Outside...

The sick man of Europe

The sick man of Europe was the rather apt stick used to beat Britain with during the 1970s when this sceptered isle was gripped...

Poor Saints Sunk by Hearts of Beath

University of St Andrews Men's Football 1st XI fail to extend their winning streak by losing at home to Hearts of Beath. James Gray reports.

Dundee score four to take Varsity Crown

St Andrews took on Dundee in the annual Varsity fixtures in the football. Deputy editor Andrew Sinclair reported on how events unfolded in the rain.