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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Saint’s 2012 Alternative Football Awards

Matt Gibson picks out some performers you might not see at the Ballon D'Or ceremony

Bye bye, Villa: It’s for the best

Andrew McQuillan is a big advocate of tough love, only with fewer whips and chains. Aston Villa are one of the grand old dames who bestride British football. One only needs to look at the majestic red brick of Villa Park to become aware that this is a true house of football.

On referees: An official complaint

Allen Farrington responds to Sports Editor James Gray's piece on refereeing in no uncertain terms.

Culture lessons for foreign players a farce

If you were whisked away to a club in Malaysia in a deadline day loan move, it is distinctly possible that you may not be immediately aware that your neck tattoo could be incredibly offensive

Euro 2020: Platini “spreads the wealth”

Most major championships are an over-priced corporate circus, and usually the first two-thirds of the tournament showcase the very worst side of the game, with minnows being routinely knocked over by the big boys of international sport. Sporting bodies need to stop trying to turn major championships into some sort of utopia

Saints awarded points decision after punch-up

The University’s 1st XI Football team were last week handed three points fron a game on 8 September against Queensferry Albert after the referee was forced to abandon the match when both sides were drawn into a full-scale brawl.

Is Rafa the right one for Roman?

Andrew O'Donnell looks at Rafa Benitez's challenges in turning Chelsea's season, and the fans, around.

Roberto Di Matteo’s axing: Not as unfair as we think

Matt Gibson thinks that Roman Abramovich is not as mad as he seems. For the most part...

50 Shades Of Gray

James Gray weighs up the significance of Celtic's historic win against Barcelona given the state of Scottish football as a whole

Lacklustre Saints fall to Lomond Victoria

The Saints' latest outing in the Fife League in their drive for promotion