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Saint Andrews
Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The return of the Premier League

Will a mad-man improve David Moyes' follies? Can a Barcelona do it on a cold night at the Brittania? Who will exceed expectation and who will crumble hopelessly? Stuart Macpherson takes us through the new Premier League season

Saints put five past hapless Dundee for Varsity triumph

 Four goals in the second half helped the St Andrews Men’s second team beat Dundee 5-0 to secure the win in the final game...

How good is David De Gea?

Deputy sports editor Joel McInally marvels at just how good David De Gea is and why British football fans are lucky to watch him play regularly.

Another round of internationals draws us closer to EURO 2016

Another round of international friendlies have come and gone, built up to be very important by the media- the last round of fixtures before...

Extortionate ticket prices alienate football fans

At Liverpool’s home match against Hull last Saturday, fans were expressing more than just anger at yet another lacklustre performance. Banners across the stands...

Football was a bridge too far

Andrew McQuillan reflects on Thatcher in sport

Balance of power maintained as Bismarck Cup ends all-square

Send-off football match for retiring History Professor is a battle to remember

Something is rotten in the Fourth Estate

Andrew McQuillan, the voice of sport, takes on the useless Scottish football media.

The Scottish Football Oscars 2011-12

It might seem a bit early to push this out, but what the hell, the season is realistically finished. What an odd year it has...

Suarez handles Mansfield Town in FA Cup and media backlash

Luis Suarez is a great player. Once again though, he has found himself at the centre of a media storm; have the media handled it in the right way though? Or is this just a witch hunt?