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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Breaking2: marathon’s moon-shot

“Breaking the two-hour marathon barrier is impossible. Everyone knows that. History knows it. Science knows it. Anyone in their right mind knows it. It’s...

Push the Boat Out makes splash in Fife this weekend

The University Sailing Club takes part in a national sailing event next week and they want you to get involved.

Lesson learned

Following a defeat at the hands of Loughborough, Jason Segall reflects on the fortunes of the St Andrews women's basketball team.

Saints Sixes: the ultimate midweek escapism?

The start of a new semester signals the start of a new season of 6-a-side, and a new opportunity to create an average team...

Club Car Racing and the joys of not knowing

Sport Editor Andrew Sinclair takes a deep look at how reading a motor racing magazine revealed a lot to him about the current world we live in.

Premier League preview 2017-2018

Whilst the financial aspect of the game has continued to grow in recent seasons, this summer has seen a gargantuan leap in spending by clubs up and down the Premier League. With the season due to start this evening, with Arsenal hosting Leicester, the 20 league clubs have already spent over £1 billion.

Wimbledon 2016 review: an island of stability in a sea of...

Dom Gibbons reviews a Wimbledon tournament that largely went with expectation but provided sufficient excitement and entertainment for those seeking escapism from our political turmoil.

Archery takes centre stage at Silver Arrow competition

There are very few sport contests with such a vibrant history, vividly brought to life by a rich tradition stretching back over 400 years,...

Why the FA needs to implement reform now

Sam Connolly offers a firm criticism of the FA and presses the case for immediate and urgent reform.