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Saint Andrews
Monday, August 19, 2019

New England Patriots: the NFL’s industrial machine

Richard Hunter takes a look at the New England Patriots, a sporting machine who show absolutely no sign of stopping.

Sport: the ultimate role model?

Andrew Williams on what we can learn from the world of sport.

Club of the week: PokerSoc

James Gray, former sports editor of The Saint and president of PokerSoc, tells us about the club's activities.

An introduction to Dance Society: lessons learned from Joan Clevillé

Jack Cannon reviews the two-hour workshop run by Dance Society in conjunction with renowned choreographer Joan Cleville.

A century of Chinese sporting dominance?

Jack Rennison takes a lot at the attempts at world sporting dominance by China and whether they are possible in the long-term.

The Shinty Club: convention, culture and camaraderie

For a team so shrouded in mystery, it seems somehow apt to discuss the Shinty Club in the sealed-off back-room of a flat with...

Up for the challenge: Clay Pigeon Club

A preview of the upcoming St Andrews Challenge

Accidental discovery proves rewarding experience

Olly Hall details an accidental find that turned into one of his best mountaineering experiences.

“I lead by example”: Meet the AU president

Sarah Thompson talks to the Saint about the redevelopment of the AU, her plans for the year and the necessity of playing sport

Justin Thomas: Golf’s newest young star

Justin Thomas' impressive double win at the start of the year affirmed his case as one of Golf's newest young stars.