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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Murray Mania: Is This The Year?

James Gray gets excited about Andy Murray... again Personally, I am an Andy Murray fan. That's because he is the one British tennis player who might,...

It’s Just Not Cricket

On Thursday of last week three Pakistani cricketers were jailed for their involvement in a plot to bowl no-balls at specific points during a...

James McMahon’s resignation letter from AU Exec

James McMahon tenders his resignation from the AU Executive Committee

Tour de France 2011: Part 3 – King Cadel a worthy...

The 2011 Tour may not have been that close in terms of time – Cadel Evans’ winning margin being 1’34’’ – but it will...

A crash course in MMA

  While at university, students have the opportunity to try a dizzying array of activities, including a large variety of sports. For those looking...

Confederations Cup group A preview

Peter Thorp previews the countries in group A of the Confederations Cup

There is no harm in sport being a platform for entertainment

There is increasing criticism of the entertainment aspect afforded to sporting events but deputy sport editor Jack Cannon argues that it's doing no real harm at all.

Saints dominate their Scots rivals

In the three-day annual Scottish Cup Tournament this month the three St Andrews Water Polo teams - the Women’s, Men’s 1st, and Men’s 2nd...

Carlsson victory tops bill at Fight Night 2013

James Gray rounds up an outstanding night of amateur boxing in the heart of St Andrews

Football club runs ‘kick-upathon’ charity event

Last month saw the football club attempt to keep the ball in the air for 24 hours, deputy sports editor Joel McInally went to see how they got on.