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Saint Andrews
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Watch out for Bigfoot: researcher in a gorilla suit studies reactions.

A man had been dressing up in a big foot costume in order to see how people would react, as part of a scientific study.

Redev killed the radio STAR

STAR has been forced off of the air this week due to delays with the redevelopment of the Union

New Vice Principles Appointed.

The University has announced the appointment of two new vice-principals.

Class representative elections extended

A lack of interest in class reps has meant that elections had to be extended

St Andrews monopoly.

The town of St Andrews may be made into a version of the popular board game, monopoly.

“Arrogant” Charities Campaign committee slammed over cap on support for charities

A decision by the Charities Campaign to prevent charities receiving support over consecutive years has proved to be controversial.

Papal Mace.

To commemorate its 600 the anniversary, a silver and gold mace has been gifted to the University by the Roman Catholic Church.

Scottish students face increasing debt

Scottish students are facing increasing debt. The announcement comes as the Scottish government cuts the grants that students can claim by 40 per cent

InFocus: Amy Jones and Marret Peets, president and vice-president of Anza...

Anza, a Swahili word, meaning “to start” or “to begin”, is a charity aiming to create jobs and support communities in Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro region....

Principal excluded from list of first 15 female R&A members.

Professor Louise Richardson has been ommited from the list of the first 15 female R&A members.