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Friday, September 21, 2018

It might be old but it’s not broken: The new season...

In its tenth season, The Apprentice makes life difficult for itself by drowning the audience in contestants

American Horror Story: All style and no substance

As the show progresses into its fourth cycle, titled ‘Freak Show’, expectations are understandably high

The Walking Dead’s success: Why popularity doesn’t equal quality

Perhaps viewers just don’t care that much about characterization and plot momentum. Perhaps they’re happy if they’re guaranteed the sight of someone getting mauled by the un- dead every episode.

New Girl, Old Problems: New Girl Returns for its Fourth Season

New Girl is Girls’ less edgy, more responsible older sister. Replace cocaine with a one time experiment with marijuana and repeated one night stands with one attempted but failed hook up

Binge-Worthy Cult Series

Just narrowly escaping the black hole that is second year, it has come to my attention that I made it out with a newfound...

In Praise of Pilot Season

The rise of Netflix and its fellow streaming services have changed the way the world watches television, but the question of how it has...

TV Review: The Knick

When Steven Soderbergh announced that he was no longer directing movies, cinema lost a fascinating, multifaceted talent. This is the man who made films...

How I Met Your Mother finale disappoints [SPOILERS]

After nine seasons of sterling comedy, fans of the show deserved a better ending

Six of the best: summer shows to look out for

We count down the top shows to help you while away the summer months

TV week in review: 20/04/14

We go from the good, to the bad, to the ugly in this week's TV review