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Thursday, July 18, 2019

True Detective is the best thing on TV

Alex Harrison explains why HBO's police drama towers above its contemporaries

Coming to screens near you: top TV for 2019

As we all settle back into semester two and have to acclimatise to the reading, the essays, the stressing about reading and essays, I...

A brief history of the politician’s TV interview

Last Tuesday a letter was sent to Downing Street from the heads of Channel 4, BBC, ITV, Channel 5 and more complaining of Theresa...

Breaking Bad: going out on a high

[SPOILER WARNING] The most talked-about show of the last decade, Breaking Bad has become a phenomenon. As the final season draws to a close, Molly Curren explains why it was such a success

In Praise of Pilot Season

The rise of Netflix and its fellow streaming services have changed the way the world watches television, but the question of how it has...

The uncanny phenomenon that is Stranger Things

An attempt at explaining the rationale behind the latest craze hitting our Netflix-numbed brains - Stranger Things.

You win or you die: Game of Thrones returns

Just what is it about HBO’s epic series, now entering its fourth season, that has so many people hooked?

Every Doctor has his day

[SPOILERS] Stephen Quinn reviews the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special

From Rugrats to Raven: a blast from TV’s past

As noughties kids, TV was an important part of our lives. Our parents stuck us in front of it when they couldn’t be bothered...

TV week in review: 06/04/14

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon touring around Italy is the surprise highlight of this week's television