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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

TV shows elevated by their soundtracks

We explore the music that makes TV shows.

How I Met Your Mother finale disappoints [SPOILERS]

After nine seasons of sterling comedy, fans of the show deserved a better ending

“Troy: Fall of a City”: A review

As a classicist I was thrilled to learn that the BBC were doing an eight-part series on Homer’s Iliad and stories surrounding the Trojan...

Triangle Issues

Poldark, the BBC’s new ratings hit, owes a lot of its success to the beauty of its setting and actors. People fundamentally enjoy looking...

American Crime Story: Season 2 review

Last year American Crime Story found critical and popular acclaim under the helm of Brad Falchuk, Nina Jacobson and Ryan Murphy with account of...

Wolf Hall: A clever adaptation of a played out concept

Charting the rise and fall of Thomas Cromwell in the court of Henry VIII, Wolf Hall reached the midpoint of its six episode run...

Reflections on Black Mirror

Black Mirror has become a cultural phenomenon. But how did this rise happen? And is a fall from favour imminent? Black Mirror started out on...

Stereotyping East Asians on TV

The strikes have given me a lot of free time to binge-watch the American sitcom “Fresh off the Boat”. Just to give a quick...

American Horror Story: All style and no substance

As the show progresses into its fourth cycle, titled ‘Freak Show’, expectations are understandably high

Downton diary: episode 5

Get caught up with the latest goings on at Downton Abbey with our regular blog