Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Wilfred Wilfred is one of those shows with a premise that seems narratively overwhelming. It stars Elijah Wood as a man who begins seeing his neighbour’s dog as an Australian man in a dog costume and questions whether he’s going mad. Much of the series balances the natural comedy of the situation with darker issues about the protagonist’s sanity. Overall though, it’s a fairly merry way to spend half an hour,...
The Great British Bake Off, when you look past the basic mechanics of baking preposterously ornate cakes against the clock, harks back to the Britain of the 1950s, replete with bunting, cheeky innuendo and half decent summer weather.
A sample of some of the most exciting TV scheduled to hit screens this summer

Triangle Issues

Poldark, the BBC’s new ratings hit, owes a lot of its success to the beauty of its setting and actors. People fundamentally enjoy looking at aesthetically pleasing sights, something producers obviously noticed way back when. Further to this though, the industry heavyweights have decided that attractive people unable to make romantic decisions equals ratings alchemy. To this end, we’ve...
We explore the music that makes TV shows.
"Changing John to Joan Watson seemed like a gimmick and essentially Elementary was almost written off, particularly by critics, before the first episode aired."
Charting the rise and fall of Thomas Cromwell in the court of Henry VIII, Wolf Hall reached the midpoint of its six episode run this week. The story is hardly unfamiliar to us by now. In the past few years, Henry VIII’s on-screen outings have varied in tone from the BBC’s scholarly season of Tudor documentaries in 2013 to...
Seven reasons to revisit Sunnydale and the gang
In its tenth season, The Apprentice makes life difficult for itself by drowning the audience in contestants
As the show progresses into its fourth cycle, titled ‘Freak Show’, expectations are understandably high