Thursday, March 23, 2017
We go from the good, to the bad, to the ugly in this week's TV review
This week's TV review checks out ITV's The Widower and Twenty Twelve spin-off W1A
Wilfred Wilfred is one of those shows with a premise that seems narratively overwhelming. It stars Elijah Wood as a man who begins seeing his neighbour’s dog as an Australian man in a dog costume and questions whether he’s going mad. Much of the series balances the natural comedy of the situation with darker issues about the protagonist’s sanity. Overall though, it’s a fairly merry way to spend half an hour,...

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Season 4 episode six of Downton Abbey sees a return to romance after a somber opening
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Perhaps viewers just don’t care that much about characterization and plot momentum. Perhaps they’re happy if they’re guaranteed the sight of someone getting mauled by the un- dead every episode.
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Review: The Young Pope

László Szegedi reviews The Young Pope, HBO's visually and mentally arresting ten-part series.