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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

10 television shows to binge-watch this summer without feeling guilty

Binge-watching TV doesn't have to leave you feeling guilty, you just have to choose the right television show to dedicate your summer to.

TV week in review: 09/03/14

Gogglebox and 37 Days head up this week's TV roundup

Blue Planet II: A review

This month has seen the return of David Attenborough to our screens and (the return of David Attenborough to our) oceans as he uncovers...

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Review

Black Mirror is back with a feature length interactive film on Netflix. Netflix has trialed this technology in four films on their kids platform....

The uncanny phenomenon that is Stranger Things

An attempt at explaining the rationale behind the latest craze hitting our Netflix-numbed brains - Stranger Things.

Sacred Games: A Netflix Recommendation

Online streaming behemoth Netflix has been firing out new television series with such quick succession that it is impossible to keep up. Feeling the...

Shows to beat those autumn blues

Wilfred Wilfred is one of those shows with a premise that seems narratively overwhelming. It stars Elijah Wood as a man who begins seeing his neighbour’s dog as an...

Whitewashing the walls of period dramas

Daisy Treloar explores the rampancy of racism in the casting of historical television dramas.

Killing Eve: A must-watch

Killing Eve has swept like a tornado across the television landscape on both sides of the Atlantic in recent weeks. Having seen the sensation...

Broken Bad

[SPOILERS] Alex Harrison explores the biggest problem with Breaking Bad: the show's fans