Friday, July 21, 2017

Every Doctor has his day

[SPOILERS] Stephen Quinn reviews the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special
An attempt at explaining the rationale behind the latest craze hitting our Netflix-numbed brains - Stranger Things.
Daisy Treloar explores the rampancy of racism in the casting of historical television dramas.
Police procedurals and Sport Relief shows dominate this week's TV roundup
Too busy to go to the cinema? We have the best films on Netflix, old and new, to keep you occupied.

Downton diary: episode 1

Olivia Whitting writes on the return of the nation's favourite period drama
The Saint's Arts & Culture team measure potential presenters of The Great British Bake Off against one another.
Finished Breaking Bad and wondering what to watch next? The Saint counts down its top picks
Alex Harrison explains why HBO's police drama towers above its contemporaries
Daisy Treloar investigates the recent Game of Thrones leaks and their impact on its fanbase.