Monday, July 24, 2017
As noughties kids, TV was an important part of our lives. Our parents stuck us in front of it when they couldn’t be bothered to deal with us, so inevitably they hold a lot of memories. Let us take you back in time to the glory days – a varied list featuring classics from both sides of the pond. Mona...
Hailed by many as the new ‘Twilight Zone’, Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror has garnered a solid fanbase since its release in 2011. The title refers to the dark mirror image we see reflected in a computer screen when the power is off. As a metaphor to the dark side of modern technology, the anthology series tells stories about humans...
Planet Earth, the nature programme presented by a national treasure, and filled with touching mini narratives, lives up to the hype.
Daisy Treloar investigates the recent Game of Thrones leaks and their impact on its fanbase.
Daisy Treloar explores the rampancy of racism in the casting of historical television dramas.
An attempt at explaining the rationale behind the latest craze hitting our Netflix-numbed brains - Stranger Things.
The renaissance of anthology television - shows experimenting with a new genre every season.
The Saint's Arts & Culture team measure potential presenters of The Great British Bake Off against one another.
Too busy to go to the cinema? We have the best films on Netflix, old and new, to keep you occupied.
Binge-watching TV doesn't have to leave you feeling guilty, you just have to choose the right television show to dedicate your summer to.