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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Spirited summer trends

Summer styles introduce three distinct trends: flora and fauna, watercolour gypsy, and bright bohemian.

A formal affair: Opening Ball style

Fashion editor, Emma Hollingsworth, reviews the fashion of the 2016 Kate Kennedy Charity Opening Ball.

May Ball brings out the beauty in all of us

Alasdair Gent shares his thoughts on the fashion of his final fête.

Sanskriti Style: Bindi – review

It may have been cold outside but the atmosphere at this year's first Bindi - the club night run by Sanskriti, the South Asian...

CATWALK – review

Upon entering Venue 2 in the middle of CATWALK’s rehearsals, it was already apparent that organisation and focus were paramount. Models were lined up...

ESAF Bhumi Collective Presents- Charlie: Reviewed

‘If your words were the only thing a little girl could hang on to in this maddening world, what would you say to her?' Simona Mezzina reviews Charlie

Bubble breakers: the unique style of Ilyana Bell

For the first ‘Bubble breakers style’ segment of 2015, The Saint has turned to Ilyana Bell, a second year philosophy student from Nairobi, Kenya. Known...

Can’t Walk stands out as successful and enjoyable night

St Andrews notorious fashion season has finally come to a close. The glamour of FS, exotic charm of Sitara*and brilliance of Don’t Walk have...

Autumn style essentials

As summer melts into autumn, Shameta Sivagurunathan evaluates the seasonal essentials and must-try trends.

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich: Why DONT WALK is a Don’t-Miss

As I entered the spacious entranceway of Kinkell Byre, surrounded by other press peers, I expected a night of class and fashion – the...