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Friday, April 19, 2019

An exciting style aesthetic CATWALK: undergrowth

CATWALK sparked style inspiration both on and off the runway, while embracing the objectives of undergrowth to present a beautiful and diverse collection.

The fashion of DONT WALK

DONT WALK's runway show once again delivered an entrancing mix of fashion and art

Cara Delevingne for Topshop

A look at what's in store with the new range from one of Britain's most popular brands

Ballet at risk of losing its classical form

With Paris Fashion Week falling at the same time as the New York City Ballet’s Fall Gala, Valentino Garavani - the acclaimed, and now...

The fashion of FS 2014: review

What trends dominated the catwalk at this year's St Andrews Charity Fashion Show?

Bubble breakers: Suzanna Johnston

In our series, we continue to look at students whose style stands out from the crowd

Style Q&A: Comfortable and Practical Style for Studying & Nights Out

Q: Dear The Saint, I am quite intimidated by the fashion show that is our library. How do I dress well without sacrificing comfort? Sincerely, –...

FS 2013 – an interview with the director

Ahead of FS2013 - the second catwalk event of St Andrews’ fashion calendar this year - The Saint's Style editor, Tasha Cornall, caught up...

What on earth is Re:fashion?

Recognizing the lack of fashionable St Andrews shopping options, Alex Spencer, Catriona McKimmie, Maria Simas, Mary Chan, Kirsty Gordon and May Boutaleb devised Re:fashion. Aiming...

Inspired by its St Andrews roots: Tom Morris’ spring and summer...

The St Andrews label's new collection embodies the spirit of the town