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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Thrifting in the Bubble begins

From design classics to trend led vintage, Judy’s had it all!

Bubble breakers: Suzanna Johnston

In our series, we continue to look at students whose style stands out from the crowd

DONT WALK: A fashion review

On Saturday evening, at around 5 pm, a good chunk of the St Andrews student body donned some of their edgiest black-tie apparel and...

The Saint style: how to look scarily good this Halloween

Throughout Halloweekend, many Saints utilised their creative minds in order to produce the perfect Halloween ensemble. While it is common for university students to...

Re: fashion a sustainable success for shoppers and sellers

Re: Fashion is a semi-annual event that promotes sustainability. It is a pop-store that offers a mix between thrift and hand-me-down clothing, giving students...

St Andrews’ trending October essentials

When Saints think of October they are usually eager to take part take in activities traditionally associated with the fall. They ponder on how to participate in...

Label Presents: Ebb & Flow

Label’s second fashion show, this time inspired by the element of water, revolved around the concept of gender fluidity and displayed some very interesting brands playing with the idea of unisex clothing.

Best Foot Forward on South Street

Calling all Carrie Bradshaws! If you need something to take your mind off that essay deadline, broken heart or just a reason to treat...

What on earth is Re:fashion?

Recognizing the lack of fashionable St Andrews shopping options, Alex Spencer, Catriona McKimmie, Maria Simas, Mary Chan, Kirsty Gordon and May Boutaleb devised Re:fashion. Aiming...

The art of self expression (part two)

“I believe that wearing red lipstick is the most feminist statement a woman can make in five seconds flat.”