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Saint Andrews
Thursday, January 17, 2019

The male gaze in fashion

The Harvey Weinstein scandal opened up more explicit discussions about the problems in the fashion and film industry. Both industries are deeply intertwined, with...

The September Issue

Fiona Raleigh reviews Vogue

10 essential St Andrews fashion items

Style editor Stephanie Irwin on everything you'll need to stay warm and look good

Do It Yourself: Mess-free Glitter Shoes

Glitter is almost definitely my most favourite thing in the world; even when I was an (awful) emo kid I still tried to sneak...

Do It Yourself: Bleach Dress

About a year ago I dripped some bleach onto my favourite black dress whilst doing a home dip-dying hair job. It was only a...

The Show

Ten months in the making, a pop-up shop, 1200 guests in attendance, 20 models, 720 gift bags, 40 collections, five Alfa Romeo student designer...

What to wear: House of Horror charity gala

Anna McAlpine on Halloween fashion

What to wear: 600th Finale Ball

Haven’t a clue how to style yourself for the Fellowship’s upcoming, one time only event? Fear not, Ariana Brighenti explains how to get the most out of the ball’s vintage black tie theme

Saints on the street: “boys of autumn”

After featuring the “Girls of Autumn” The Saint has found the “Boys of Autumn” with even greater success. Their effortless individuality is undeniable, and their...

What to wear in spring

Roughly a month and a half after it was expected spring is finally here, and St Andrew’s students are fully embracing the warmer weather....