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Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Critics: Underroads

The Barron: 22-25 February As we are ushered into our seats we become refugees waiting to get on a boat, as are the rest of...

Angels and Demons in St Andrews

As one of the most renowned works in German Theatre, Goethe’s Faust was always going to be a challenging production for both the actors...

Playing for the other team…

Emily Hill reviews “Scene of the Titans”, a new musical about a gay-friendly rugby team

Perplexed by Panto

Cordula Schnuer on her first ever panto experience

An awakening for St Andrews theatre

Emma O’Brien on Just So’s latest production of Spring Awakening at the Byre Theatre

St Andrews’ Rising Star: Vicki Robertson

E. Egan interviews one to watch for the future One of the first things that Victoria Robertson mentions is the love she has for the...

The sweet sound of Birdsong

Hillevi Gustafson reviews the West End’s newest take on World War I

A Scream for Halloween…

Emily Hill braves the blood, guts and terror of Mr Kolpert to preview Patch of Blue’s treat for this Halloween

Don’t mess with this blonde!

Sophia Latorre-Zengierski reviews the tour of Legally Blonde

They’re just too good to be true…

Emma O’Brien reviews the West End’s fantastic Jersey Boys