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Thursday, March 21, 2019

On the Rocks: Cabaret review

Just So's production didn't shy away from the darker side of the classic musical

With a lot of punchlines: Without a Punchline – review

Without a Punchline Dir. Rory Mackenzie **** Rory Mackenzie’s first foray into the world of writing and directing theatre was certainly not a timid one. His play...

The Last Five Years: Review

In looking at the performances of the two actors, Emma Seckel and Struan Erlenborn, their vocal talent was across the board incredible.

The ultimate dark jazz comedy

It’s a new production of something which isn’t quite a play.

Romance and Adventure at the Union?

Romance and Adventure Josie Long Venue 1, Oct 23, 8pm 4/10 While waiting for Josie Long’s highly acclaimed stand-up show to start in Venue 1 of the Union,...

Contaminated: an enjoyable and sentimental night out

William Beddows reviews Emma Hallewell's Contaminated and deems it a deeply moving production.

Proven guilty: DNA review

Moody, disturbing, but very entertaining: Ellen MacPherson reviews DNA

Playwright in residence: interview with Zinnie Harris

Studying here for four years, it's easy to become acclimatised to the brilliance of the individuals working at the university.

On the Rocks: Mini Previews

The Saint brings you four mini-previews of this year's most highly anticipated On the Rocks events.

Miracle Material: a moving study of religion

A somewhat dark 90 minutes of genuinely thought-provoking narrative, which dealt sensitively with a range of hard-hitting, culturally relevant and emotional topics.