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Saint Andrews
Friday, September 21, 2018

Ubu Roi: A preview

Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi premiered on 10 December 1896 in Paris, causing riots in audiences. It is considered one of the first absurdist plays...

Twelfth Night: A review

Like anyone with discerning tastes, my first brush with Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night was the 2006 romantic comedy adaptation She’s the Man, starring Amanda Bynes...

“Outside Chance”: A stand-up show preview

University comedy scenes are well established as the proving grounds for many of the most renowned and celebrated of British comedians. The Cambridge Footlights...

Equus: Dark Visions and Admiration

Emma Galligani reviews Alexander Gillespie's Equus

RolePlay- any new couple’s comedic nightmare

Barney Bruce-Smythe reviews 'RolePlay'

Preview: Hedda Gabler

“I want for once in my life to have power to mould a human destiny. I have not and have never had it.”

The Normal Heart is not to be missed

The production is clearly political – deciding to tackle head on what much of St Andrews drama tends to avoid.

The History Boys: A review

‘One of the historian’s jobs,’ Mr Irwin observes to his class of Oxbridge candidates, ‘is to anticipate what our perspective of that period ...

Rusty Clockwork

Clockwork Venue 1, Tuesday 6th Nov ** Clockwork, written and directed by Alex Mullarky is the newest student written drama to be performed in St Andrews. Held...

Alternate: Reviewed

Zeb Baker-Smith reviews the absurd, hilarious new stand up show from Joe Viner- Alternate.