Monday, July 24, 2017
The On The Rocks Arts Industry Panel was a 'real treat' and great opportunity for those of us wanting to be involved in the Arts.

Review: Mirth Control

Miles Hurley reviews On The Rock's comedy, 'Mirth Control.'

Alternate: Reviewed

Zeb Baker-Smith reviews the absurd, hilarious new stand up show from Joe Viner- Alternate.

King Lear: Reviewed

I think it’s best to describe last Thursday's performance of King Lear as inconsistent and unpolished. There were moments where the desired style and gravitas of the production and the play itself shined, and where the concept of the play showed itself to be not only viable but unique and interesting. However, there were just as many moments where...

Polaris: Reviewed

Zeb Baker-Smith reviews Polaris, "a deeply personal story of family, friends, and sexuality," performed as part of the On the Rocks festival.

Urinetown: Reviewed

What happens when you have to pay to pee? Miles Hurley Reviews Urinetown
Theatre is the act of sitting quietly in a chair, in the dark, watching actors on a stage pretend that you aren’t there. But where you sit or stand, is of the utmost importance. What you can see, hear and experience shapes the play in your mind and makes it a unique and individual experience. What you take away...
An interview with the creative behind, Polaris an immersive one woman show opening today as part of On The Rocks.

Preview: Found

St Andrews' latest attempt at Immersive entertainment, Found, brings the idea into the realm of Dance. Miles Hurley previews the event to try and Find what is to be Found.

Preview: Polaris

What happens when you’re in London alone in Christmas for years on end? Miles Hurley previews Polaris to try and find out.