Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Review: Saved

Sarah John reviews Edward Bond's Saved. "Tinged with cruelty, violence, and the complications of unrequited love, it explores the darkest depths of human nature through the tale of a disintegrating family in 1960s southeast-London."

Siren: preview

A new club night is coming to 601 this Wednesday. Siren - "let the call of the arts draw you under." I interviewed Sirens creators, Rachael Hastie and Natasha Furmidge. First of all, what is Siren and why did you pick the name and motto? Natasha: Siren is a new club night marketed towards members of arts and performance societies. In...

Review: Cock

Cock was a "gripping triumph of a play," according to Marcus Cork- Keeling.

Black Spring: an interview

I sat down with members of the Black Spring production team, an original work sponsored by the Afro-Caribbean society, going up during On the Rocks on the 7-8 April in the Barron. The Saint: Can you tell me how you first came up with the idea for the show?  Danielle Eyanji: Afro Caribbean society had had a showcase a couple of years ago,...

Cock: Preview

Marcus Corck- Keeling chatted to Ryan Hay, the dramaturg of 'Cock' a show bound to 'delight and divide audiences across the board'.

Review: ‘Election’

St Andrews resident sketch comedy group have been missed. The show was 'outlandish, high energy and well prepared' according to Caroline McWilliams.

Review: Hedda Gabler

Opening night for Sonder Theatre's Hedda Gabler: a packed auditorium at the Byre with high expectations – and a resounding success.

Preview: Hedda Gabler

“I want for once in my life to have power to mould a human destiny. I have not and have never had it.”

Review: Label: My Body

Emily Lomax finds Label's new foray into theatre "slightly clichéd" but "refreshing to see uncensored honest portrayals of personal issues".

Review: Pirates of Penzance

Josh Williams is charmed by the "hilarious and lively" production of G&S's Pirates of Penzance.