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Friday, September 21, 2018

On The Rocks returns: Interview with director Emily Rogers

With On the Rocks getting underway we interviewed organiser Emily Rogers.

The art of self expression (part two)

“I believe that wearing red lipstick is the most feminist statement a woman can make in five seconds flat.”

After the Call: A review

After the Call was a strange collection of music, monologues and snatches of drama, all taking place in St Andrews Episcopal Church. The church...

Do It Yourself: Bleach Dress

About a year ago I dripped some bleach onto my favourite black dress whilst doing a home dip-dying hair job. It was only a...

The Room and The Disaster Artist

If you’re going to make a stinker you might as well do it with a bang. Although Tommy Wiseau certainly didn’t intend The Room to...

Billy Talent: Dead Silence – review

Dead Silence Billy Talent Warner Bros/Roadrunner 8/10 Occasionally, out of the thick mist of hip-hop, club music and mediocre pop that clouds the global charts and radio space...

The future of short-form literature?

A new subscription-based service is aiming to do for writing what Spotify has done for music

The Movember Manifesto

By Taylor Wallace There are only three types of man in this world you can really trust: a man who can say ‘I love you...

An interview with Vijay Mehta

The Saint talks to the author about his new book, and his views on the situation in Syria

St Andrews’ Rising Star: Vicki Robertson

E. Egan interviews one to watch for the future One of the first things that Victoria Robertson mentions is the love she has for the...