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Saint Andrews
Saturday, September 22, 2018

An interview with Bernard Cornwell

Most famous for his 24 novels about the Napoleonic War-era rifleman Richard Sharpe, Bernard Cornwell is perhaps the world’s best-known historical novelist today. Fantastically...

Top 5: St Andrews Style Stereotypes

The Saint runs you through the top 5 St Andrews Style Stereotypes.

In the Kitchen with James: Homemade Fish & Chips

Football may no longer be coming home, but in consolation I’m bringing home perhaps the most iconic British dish there is, fish and chips....

In the Kitchen with James: Making your own Pasta

Making your own pasta can turn the most basic and mundane meals into pure delight. It costs pennies to make and with a bit...

In the Kitchen with James: Homemade Iced Tea

With temperatures hitting 36 Celsius this week in parts of the UK, I thought it would be appropriate to rustle up a few batches...

Sponsored: New flavours at Nardini’s

In preparation for the summer weather, Nardini's ice-cream shop and cafe has introduced new seasonal flavours and products.

The male gaze in fashion

The Harvey Weinstein scandal opened up more explicit discussions about the problems in the fashion and film industry. Both industries are deeply intertwined, with...

A neglected art form: the renaissance of drag

Ruairidh Bowen discusses drag's rise from underground to the mainstream

“Troy: Fall of a City”: A review

As a classicist I was thrilled to learn that the BBC were doing an eight-part series on Homer’s Iliad and stories surrounding the Trojan...

From pond to plate: The last of the summer trout

Deputy editor Tom Williams on how to cook a whole trout, the perfect sharing dish for the last weeks of summer.