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Friday, April 19, 2019

On The Rocks 2013

Scotland's biggest student-run arts festival, On The Rocks, is set for a return in April and the organisers are on the lookout for volunteers...

The Saint Arts & Culture Christmas gift guide 2012

Christmas is just around the corner and we figured you'd be too busy wrestling with looming deadlines and panicking about exams to be thinking...

The Mindy Project: putting the quality in equality

As sexist cultural representations go, television tends to head charts as the worst. It has become impossible to turn on the magic box and...

Won’t Get Fooled Again: a break up letter to Steven Moffat

Dear Steven, It's over. I'm sorry, but there's no easier way to put it. We're through. It was fun once, it really was. Remember when you...

Return to the Homeland

Smooth yet stilted jazz cuts in and out of half overheard conversations. A maze of news clips. Memories, sirens and paranoia.  Homeland is back. I...

Kickstart my heart: how crowdsourcing can start a revolution

Revivals of video game series which have been dead for decades. Documentaries on those falsely accused of rape. E-ink watches. Full-length independent films, dance...

One St Andrews, Many Talents

One Britain, Many Cultures - part of the Black History Month celebrations - saw a host of talented student performers and speakers celebrate cultural diversity, identity and equality in St Andrews on Tuesday night

Bards at The Byre via the Big Apple

Douglas Dunn read to a live audience in The Byre and via skype to an audience in New York as part of StAnza poetry festival's 15th anniversary celebrations

Doctor Who Season 7 – The Story So Far

The mid-season finale left us gasping for breath. Here's the story of this year's Who so far.

STARting Again

The Saint speaks with STAR Radio ahead of their relaunch this week!