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Monday, December 17, 2018


Philip Gross and Don Paterson write about water, history and the meaning of words. Both poets are due to read at the Stanza festival...

The Poet and the Rock Star

Photo credit: University of St Andrews  Two Pauls, both virtuosos of words and music, took to the stage for performances and an intimate conversation at...

Kickstart my heart: how crowdsourcing can start a revolution

Revivals of video game series which have been dead for decades. Documentaries on those falsely accused of rape. E-ink watches. Full-length independent films, dance...

The Saint Arts & Culture Christmas gift guide 2012

Christmas is just around the corner and we figured you'd be too busy wrestling with looming deadlines and panicking about exams to be thinking...

Medieval Times

In the wake of The Tudors,  three new shows take up the gauntlet in the crusade to give the Middle Ages sex appeal. As The...

Dundee in the running for UK City of Culture 2017

But what chance does Dundee have against its competitors?

‘Tall Tales and Small Fables’: The Third Miss Keane reviewed

A lot of Cleary’s debut will appeal even to readers who do not usually delve into poetry.

‘You’re not alone: Horatio hates revision, too’: Common Ground reviewed

D A Prince's real charm lies in her technical skill, her ability to construct constrained, minimalistic poetry and at the same time let it yield to unbridled emotion.

One St Andrews, Many Talents

One Britain, Many Cultures - part of the Black History Month celebrations - saw a host of talented student performers and speakers celebrate cultural diversity, identity and equality in St Andrews on Tuesday night

This is a Man’s World

A new exhibition at the St Andrews Museum, “Seeing in a Wider Sense”, brings together Anthropology and Artwork, but it leaves the gender divide...