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Saint Andrews
Monday, January 21, 2019

Sign of ancestry or fashion statement? The natural hair debate

"Natural black hair is seen as uncontrollable, unruly and unprofessional, consequently the women who wear it are defined in the same way."

The Adamson

Ruby Munson-Hirst reviews St Andrews’ newest restaurant - and goes heavy on the gin Every time a new bar, shop or restaurant opens on one...

St Andrews’ answer to Gossip Girl

Natasha Franks profiles the anonymous author behind Shiteshead Revisited, the town's premier voice of satire.

Beyond Milk Wood – The best radio dramas

Radio Times critic and wireless geek Tristram Fane Saunders guides you through 70 years of radio drama.

The Saint Arts & Culture Christmas gift guide 2012

Christmas is just around the corner and we figured you'd be too busy wrestling with looming deadlines and panicking about exams to be thinking...

Do I really need that book about Hygge?

A fashionable phenomenon in Britain yet a simple outlook on life for Danes, the word “hygge” means different things to different people. Pronounced “hoo-ga,”...

STARting Again

The Saint speaks with STAR Radio ahead of their relaunch this week!

The Poet and the Rock Star

Photo credit: University of St Andrews  Two Pauls, both virtuosos of words and music, took to the stage for performances and an intimate conversation at...

‘Tall Tales and Small Fables’: The Third Miss Keane reviewed

A lot of Cleary’s debut will appeal even to readers who do not usually delve into poetry.

Is this the new Sopranos?

For the last few months, the people at BSkyB have been going out of their way to publicise Sky Atlantic, a new channel hosting...