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Saint Andrews
Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Portraits of Palestine

An exhibition of photographs of Palestine, in the Barron Theatre, tries to foster dialogue. Hosted and organized by the Mutual Respect and Dialogue for...

Hamming it up: Sweet Potato Oven Chips with Sriracha Mayonnaise

Sweet Potato Oven Chips with Sriracha Mayonnaise You'll Need: 3 sweet potatoes Olive Oil Mayonnaise Sriacha 1/2 Lemon Salt and pepper In last weeks article I included a footnote about a grocery...

Another Brick in the Wall? ‘Two Countries’ by Katrina Porteous: Review

Jo Boon delves into Katrina Porteous' fascinating new poetry collection.


The new HBO series is splitting critics opinion. Is it a little too close to home?  I first started watching the new HBO sitcom Girls...

A Dictator’s Perspective

KIRAN KISHORE fills us in on what it really takes to put on a show like Around The World Of Dance I felt lightheaded with...

This is my own, my native land: Scotia Nova reviewed

Michael Grieve describes this collection of Scottish nationalist poetry as a rich and "detailed snapshot of the nation"

‘Tall Tales and Small Fables’: The Third Miss Keane reviewed

A lot of Cleary’s debut will appeal even to readers who do not usually delve into poetry.

Classic Book of the Week: Catch 22

This week Ellie Porter reviews Heller’s classic novel

The stories of third culture kids

“Where are you from?” This is the question that a third culture kid (TCK) often struggles to answer. “Should I give the long version or the...

Commercial Baaa-nter

Are Christmas adverts so ubiquitous that they’ve become part of the spirit of the season? Many feel that the real Christmas joy can be lost...