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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Exploring the relevance of music charts today

Katie Munro asks if the music charts hold any meaning in the streaming driven music industry of today.

Musings on a theme: Johnny Flynn

Zeb Baker-Smith explains why we should all take the time to listen to the music or enjoy the performances of multi-talented artist Johnny Flynn.

Review: ‘Getting Ready for a Swim’

Amy Hill, a St Andrews fourth year, worked in partnership with Cameron Newell to produce her debut album, Getting Ready for a Swim, which...

The Saint’s guide to upcoming local music gigs

The semester is ending, revision is around the corner, and at this point, you’re just dying to get out of the Bubble. Well never fear, The Saint has you covered.

The anti-Trump song and the danger of formula

Politically charged popular music released in the last few months has showcased examples ranging from stunningly sophisticated lyricism to cringeworthy wannabe-revolution-anthems.

Get ready for a swim with Amy Hill

A sneak peak behind the student singer's new album Getting Ready For A Swim.

Routing ticket touting

Kate Munro explores the complex, and often frustrating, world of ticket touting.

Review: On The Rocks programme launch

Simona Mezzina felt the On The Rocks Programme Launch was a "welcoming and inspired night" largely down to the "wonderful artists that performed all night long."

Musings on a Theme: Mountains

From psalms to the Avett Brothers - how mountains have always inspired artistic creation, especially music.

Waxing eloquent on Wax Collective

Kenalyn Ang sits down with the creators of The Wax Collective.