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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Roses on Stones

In October 1996 a band from Manchester decided to split up. I didn’t care; I was five and three quarter years old and too...

A dying artform?

With the Internet as an increasingly dominant forum for the distribution of music, what is to become of the album artwork that graced the...

The Critics: Believers

Believers A A Bondy Fat Possum 4 out of 5   Upon finishing a listen to A. A. Bondy’s third album you might feel a bit disorientated, like waking...

Swearin’ – Surfing Strange review

The sophomore effort from Brooklyn's Swearin' offers a more settled and composed sound

B-Sides presents: Midland

Last night, B-Sides offered up one of Britain's most exciting new talents on the dance music circuit, Harry Agius AKA Midland. The DJ and...

Halftime in America: perfect tribute or wasted opportunity?

Caitlin Lewis argues Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance was 'subtly powerful', unlike other celebrities who (trump)et their views, to little effect.

A trending art form: the conscious music video

Elle Kosmann discusses the current trend of politically conscious music videos.

The Critics: Simple Math

Simple Math Manchester Orchestra Favourite Gentlemen Recordings With Manchester Orchestra’s previous two albums, the band has certainly proved that they can deliver. Mean Everything to Nothing reiterated...

Guilty Pleasures

Sophie Patterson on her weird musical preferences

The Critics: No One Can Ever Know

The Twilight Sad Fat Cat Records 4 out of 5 It was 2009 when the last Twilight Sad LP was released and from the sounds of their...