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Thursday, September 20, 2018

A Toast to the Douchebag

Al Bell on Kanye West’s music-video-cum-art-film, Runaway The first scene of Kanye West’s thirty four minute long music video Runaway shows the artist running desperately...

Music is Love presents: Dry the River and Rory Butler

Martha McCarey reports from the Beer Bar

Dept. of Eclecticism

Andrew Binet on Deerhunter, Martha Mcarey on Emeralds

Department of Hip-Hop

Lewis Wade on Big Boi and Lil Wayne

Kollegah: German Rap’s intellectual bad boy

Kosmo Sone on economics, creationism and thug life in the songs of rapper Kollegah

Guilty Pleasures

Sophie Patterson on her weird musical preferences

On Disc: The Suburbs

Al Bell on Arcade Fire's new album