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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Exploring the relevance of music charts today

Katie Munro asks if the music charts hold any meaning in the streaming driven music industry of today.

Mrs Carter puts on the show of a lifetime

Beyonce rocked the Hydro on the Glasgow leg of her world tour

More than just a Phase: Jack Garrat’s album degree

  2016 is a momentous year in many ways. It heralds the Rio Olympics, a British referendum and a nail-biting US Presidential election. Oh, and...

Michael Kiwanuka: a modern day soul artist

As his sell-out tour begins in Scotland, London-born singer makes a stirring and pained exhibition of his “slave music”.

Truthfully Spoken: Time To Start – review

  Truthfully Spoken Time To Start Time To Start is the new EP from alternative pop-rockers Truthfully Spoken, a band with a strong St Andrews connection and...

Review of Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Melodies and Miracles

We often refer affectionately to St Andrews as ‘the Bubble’.  It’s easy to see why: because of its geographic isolation and other-worldly character, it...

An interview with Euros Childs

Kirsty Strang from Music Is Love catches up with Welsh artist Euros Childs ahead of his Venue 1 gig on Thursday 1st November

Beating the Valentines Blues

February is often described as the low point of the winter; we have had so much cold and misery and there is still more...

All that Jazz

People like Jazz clubs.  They may not listen to Jazz very often, but something about a small room filled with candle-lit tables, spread in...

The Weeknd – Kiss Land review

Kiss Land The Weeknd Republic It’s difficult to believe that it’s been two years since The Weeknd emerged, unheralded and remarkably fully formed, with an immaculate trilogy...