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Saint Andrews
Thursday, September 20, 2018

Nina Nesbitt – Peroxide review

Nina Nesbitt's debut album suffers from a split personality

Mercury Prize winners Alt-J (∆) to play St Andrews

It was announced today that the Mercury Prize winning alternative-indie quartet Alt-J (∆) will play  a one off DJ set in Venue 1 on...

Review: Lady Gaga’s Joanne

Playing into the now fashionable root-pop idiom, Lady Gaga’s comeback record “Joanne” is fun and sincere, but frustratingly shallow.

A love letter to My Bloody Valentine

It was a dark, dismal night in early February. The previous two nights had entailed some hefty alcohol consumption. I wanted nothing more than...

St Andrews Chorus: Haydn’s “The Seasons”

As the spring (finally) approaches, it seems fitting, in a semester of Siberian blizzards, incessant squalls, and the current (fingers-crossed for publication) balmy warmth,...

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: “Distant Sky” in the DCA

The few times that I’ve been to see National Theatre Live performances at the cinema in St Andrews have differed a lot from watching...

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Mosquito – review

Mosquito Yeah Yeah Yeahs Interscope 7/10 Times have changed since the YYYs first came on to the scene over a decade ago, and the band, now in their...

Re-examining Lord Huron’s Lonesome Dreams

Hayley McClellan thinks that now is the idea time to reappraise the band's last album

Mic drop: Justin Bieber storms off stage, leaving fans upset

Justin Bieber's storming off stage - was it arrogant or a rare moment of humanity for the star?

Why all the hate for poor old Kanye?

Poor old Kanye. Nowadays he can’t seem to catch a break. Mocked and berated by social media and the general public, we can’t help...