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Saint Andrews
Thursday, April 18, 2019

Album Review in Brief: Lacuna

Childhood's debut: Melancholic, uplifting, and dreamlike in equal measure.

London Grammar in Edinburgh: A concert review

Having missed London Grammar’s Glasgow set at TRON festival, it was essential to go down and watch what could be the award-winning band’s only...

Department of Hip-Hop

Lewis Wade on Big Boi and Lil Wayne

The Saint Live: Ghost Pony

Ghost Pony is the musical alias of St Andrews student Nathan Ruby. On his Facebook page, Nathan describes the Ghost Pony style as acoustic...

Johnny Marr: The Messenger – review

The Messenger Johnny Marr Warner Bros 7/10 Fresh from a media spat with none other than the Prime Minister himself, indie-rock guitar guru Johnny Marrhas released his new...

The Saint introduces… Hamish James Hawk

Name: Hamish James Hawk Sound: Alternative Folk/Singer-songwriter Description: Hamish James Hawk is a local songwriter who charms his listeners through simple arrangements, thoughtful lyrics and a...

Exploring the effects of violence in rap music

Emily King explores whether the prevalence of violence in rap culture is empowering or something which glorifies cruelty.

The music hall we never had, but need.

Hailing from Glasgow, I’ve been ruined by a plethora of stellar gig venues. From an early age, I was hopping around the Glasgow Barrowlands...

WWWW?: Meursault

The who, what, where and when of this Thursday's Music Is Love event

Iron & Wine: Ghost on Ghost – review

Ghost on Ghost Iron & Wine Nonesuch 5/10 Since the release of his first album in 2002, Sam Beam’s Iron & Wine project has been defined by American...