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Saint Andrews
Friday, September 21, 2018

For Honor review

Our Games Editor reviews one of 2017's most hotly anticipated releases.

Three games for your holiday wish list

The Saint's suggested three games for your Christmas wish-list.

Gaming as art: an introduction

How you can learn to appreciate the artistry within video games.

Fumito Ueda: Design by Subtraction

Benjamin Schwartz discusses the 'design by subtraction' philosophy and the creative genius of Fumito Ueda.

The Saint’s autumn 2014 video-game preview

It’s been a very, very slow summer in terms of new releases. A fitting season in what’s already been a frankly disappointing year. The...

New Mario Maker is a dream come true to Nintendo Fans

By Chris Ames I won’t lie: growing up, I hated the Mario games. As someone who had regularly played platformers more along the lines of...

Time to co-op: the best games to play with your friends

By Graeme Acres When it comes to gamers who like multiplayer there are two kinds – those who want to shoot WITH friends and those...

Top ten games to buy for under £10: part two

Our second part to our two-part series on the best games you can buy for under a tenner.

Ambitious and refreshing: 2015 in Games

Why 2015 in Videogames will, sort of, be 'an inverse of the New Year's Eve' party