Sunday, February 26, 2017

Aesthetic style in video games

Ollie Sayers examines the impact aesthetic design choices can have on video game experiences.
An exploration of the moral consequences of a shooter set in the First World War.

Gaming as art: Dark Souls

Exploring the hidden depths of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s undisputed masterpiece.
The Saint's suggested three games for your Christmas wish-list.

The roleplaying myth

Why games usually fail to deliver on the fantasy of roleplaying an important character and how it can be done right.
A look at the differences between traditional sports and the phenomenal rise of eSports.
How you can learn to appreciate the artistry within video games.
Tom Williams offers his position on the next Fifa installment.
Our second part to our two-part series on the best games you can buy for under a tenner.
Just what it says on the tin: cheap games that will serve you hours of entertainment. The 10-6 of our Games editor's top 10.