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Saint Andrews
Saturday, September 22, 2018

ACS Screening: Moonlight

ACS will be hosting a screening of Academy Award winner Moonlight this Tuesday, and you don't want to miss it.

St Andrews brings film-making to you

Everything you need to make your first film is right here in St Andrews, even your camera is sitting in your back pocket.

Elle: Complex Instinct

Some are going to hate it, some, like me, will love it. Everyone will be talking about it.

The award season nominees you have to watch

They might not have reached a mainstream audience, but these underrated award season nominees were nominated for a reason.

Fifty Shades Darker (and more cringeworthy)

This Twilight fanfiction gone wrong might be an embarrassment to filmmaking and feminism alike, but it is ludicrously entertaining to watch.

Lego Batman: The hero DC needs

The Lego Batman Movie will not only make your face ache with laughter from even before the establishing shot, it will also bestow upon you a beam to bounce you all the way home.

Hidden Figures and the power of the individual

Hidden Figures "is an inspiration, reflecting the inclusion which it champions in all aspects and giving us three heroes who could not have arrived at a more necessary time."

No(cutting) edge cinema

The more technology allows one-shot experimentation to be realised, the more of it will be hitting the big screen.

St Andrews gets green in the cinema and behind the camera

“While the facts of climate change are irrefutable… it's the stories that will move people to action.”

Jackie: the lady and the legacy

Intensely intimate, Jackie is a film of few sweeping motions and justifiably so. In tightening the frame, and filling it almost exclusively with Portman, Larraín invokes a real notion of insight.