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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Raw Review: Not for the faint hearted

Toby Symonds reviews this year's most disturbing horror film: Raw.

Hollywood’s pale ghosts

Toby Symonds explains why white washing in the "Ghost in the Shell" is an industry wide trend that promises to keep paying out.

Reel Film Series unleashes unruly women

Celebrate 'unruly women' on screen and behind the camera with the Reel Film Series this Thursday at 7pm in St. Salvator's Quad, School III.

2017: the year of the diverse superhero film?

If superhero films can redeem themselves and evolve with audience expectations their success may long continue, but if they become outdated, unrepresentative and unable to inspire they fail in the purpose upon which their entertainment value depends.

Scotland on the big screen

These fifteen films based or set in Scotland allow you to experience the entire country from anywhere in the world. And a couple were even filmed in our very own St. Andrews.

Spring break at the cinema

Get Out, Beauty and the Beast, and Personal Shopper give you three new reasons to schedule a trip to the cinema.

Retelling a Tale as Old as Time

Can Disney's live action 'Beauty and the Beast' remake follow in the successful footsteps of it's 'Jungle Book' and 'Cinderella' predecessors, or will it fail to hit the mark in an 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' style flop? Either way, why all the remakes Disney?

An interview with Alice Black, Head of Cinema at DCA

Simona Mezzina interviews Alice Black, Head of Cinema at Dundee Contemporary Arts and an advocate for a diverse and engaging cinema-going experience.

International Women’s Day in film

Celebrate International Women's Day with one of these feel good feminist films.

Logan is Wolverine unleashed

'Logan' showcases Hugh Jackman's Wolverine like we've never seen him before, leaving his best performance for his much anticipated last and going out on his wildest high yet.